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Please Provide The Following (page 2)

Daily School Bag Requirements

  • Medium to large sized School bag
  • Full set of extra clothing, preferably encased in a Ziplock bag to keep clean, in case of accidents or getting wet during water play and so on.
  • Extra underwear if your child/ren is in the process of being Toilet Trained.
  • Sufficient nappies and barrier cream if your child/ren are in nappies.
  • 2 Plastic packets, or alternatives, for soiled clothing to be sent home.
  • Snack Box *
  • Full Juice/water/milk bottles *
  • The above 2 items (*) can be placed in the string bag which will be issued to your child/ren. The bag should preferably be attached to the outside of the school bag so that we can try and prevent spillage inside the school bag and then soiling the contents of the bag.

Daily School Bag Requirements (cont)

  • Sunscreen Vitally important – please apply in the mornings before your child comes to school.
  • We will reapply sunscreen to the Full Day children – please ensure there is a clearly marked bottle of sunscreen in your child’s school bag for their use alone.
  • Please check lost property on a regular basis for any items that may belong to your child/ren.

ALL personal belongings to be clearly marked!


other than comfort toys or when we request toys/items of interest etc. related to our Theme to share with the children for educational purposes.

We cannot accept responsibility for broken or lost toys and the children fight terribly over toys that have been brought to school from home causing unnecessary conflict and very sad/angry children.

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