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Some important issues (cont)


Assessments of your children are on-going. Progress Reports for the 4 to 5 year old’s are issued at the end of every year, and Parent Appointments are set up in the last term of the year if you so wish. Should you however have ANY CONCERNS during the year, PLEASE come and address them with me. I too will make contact with you if I find any problem areas with your children in my capacity as a teacher, and make recommendation depending on the problem area noticed.


Should it happen that this is not the “right” environment for your little one, I reserve the right to make a recommendation to you of a school that may be of more benefit to your child. This decision will not be taken lightly and will only be taken after all avenues have been explored and, one on one meetings with both the parents have been officiated.

Please note: It is possible that on the rare occasion I may need to take a few hours off school to attend my own children’s school events. You will be given timeous notification thereof, where you could then decide not to send your child to school that day. Please be reassured that I will ensure that we have enough teachers on duty who will love & care for your children in the event that I am away.

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