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(in a nutshell and we occasionally will deviate from the programme)

  • Being a Christian based school we start the day with a devotion & prayer.
  • Each week a boy & a girl is selected to be “Class Captain” for the week.
  • Tuesday’s are “Shopping Day” – each child gets a turn per the roster.
  • Wednesday’s are “Show & Tell” – each child gets a turn per the roster.
  • Friday’s are “Bakers Day – Mini Masterchef”.
  • Story Book Roster – Each child gets a turn to bring their own story book and be the “storyteller” (with a teacher) at the end of each day.
  • To encourage positive behaviour, each child will have a reward chart – once complete, they will have a chance to choose something from the surprise bag. Each child WILL have a turn!
  • Water and sand play (weather dependant)
  • Texture time (important for tactile development)
  • Visual, auditory & oral activities
  • Role playing (e.g. washing babies, dishes, jobs)
  • Structured gross motor activities – obstacle course, ball skills, balance beam & boards & balls etc.
  • Incorporating Letterland for literacy
  • TV assisted learning
  • Dress Up days
  • Outings
  • Christmas Party
  • Little Explorers Early Education Centre participates in the Santa Shoebox Project which takes place around October of each year – each family packs a box to donate on behalf of the school (optional).
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